Classical Delights

During 'Mangla Charan' (Vandana), the devotee is transported into the world of solace by the vehicle of music when the heart yearns for the blessings, using notes of a Raaga blended with reverence and love. It is when the Keertaniya (devotee) makes a bouquet of offerings to the Satguru with the intensity of seeking the highest gift of Sat Sang, which instantly and effortlessly showers one with the upliftment of the mind, enlightenment of the mind, cleansing of the mind and quietening of the mind.

Furthermore, the divine fruit of 'Mangla Charan' provides healing to the ever-unknowable ailments of the body and mind. Below you will find selected pieces of 'Mangla Charan' sung by Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji, which have been sung with utmost feeling and heights of mastery over classical music wherein each note is an ocean of grandeur, devotion and love.

Enjoy these 'Classical Delights' !!

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01. Mangla Charan

02. Mangla Charan

03. Mangla Charan

04. Mangla Charan

05. Mangla Charan

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