About Bhai Sahib Ji

Bhai Jaspal Singh was born into a devout Sikh family in Adampur, Punjab on 20th December 1952 to Giani Gursharan Singh Ji and Jasbir Kaur. Giani Gursharan Singh was himself deeply seeped in music and noticed the inborn talent in Bhai Sahib and initiated him to music at the tender age of five. The initial training started at home and further development took place at Kirtan Training School in Nangal. At age of sixteen, Bhai Sahib became disciple of Bhai Avtar Singh, who was Hazoori Raagi at Gurudwara Seeesganj in Delhi. Bhai Avtar Singh Ji’s gharana has an illustrious pedigree of fourteen generations. From Bhai Avtar Singh Ji, Bhai Sahib acquired treasure of traditional style of singing Gurbani and understanding of taal and sur. During this training, Bhai Sahib learnt singing in Shastria Sangeet style, which had become a dying tradition.

In 1969, Bhai Sahib along with his parents immigrated to England and for next fourteen years Bhai Sahib performed Keertan and enthralled devotees in UK and other countries in Europe. Although Bhai Sahib gained fame and recognition but he was always intrigued by the fact that the traditional Keertan performance in general lacked elements of awe, wonder, mesmerizing musical content that could transport the listeners into another world. His quest for blending these elements in the Keertan was answered when he met the legendary singer Ustaad Mehdi Hassan. From this world renowned master singer, Bhai Sahib acquired the skills and techniques where the expressions of words artfully blended in musical notes which provided such upward thrust that transported hearts seeped in devotional love into an out of world experience. From Hassan sahib, Bhai Sahib additionally acquired the techniques of setting the music tone right from the very first tone and sustaining it throughout the performance. It was by blending the appeal of musical ragas with the seasoning of emotions and feeling expressed by Gurus in Gurbani, Bhai Sahib was able to create a visionary style, steeped in creativity, while retaining command over art. From the legendary master, Bhai Sahib gained insights that enabled him to use music as a tool and create lasting imprints on minds and hearts.

In 1975, a momentous event took place in Bhai Sahib’s life when SANT ISHER SINGH Ji Maharaj of Rara Sahib visited London. Not only was Bhai Sahib enraptured by Sant Maharaj ji’s personality and divine knowledge but was also blessed by His Grace. It was a turning point in his life and with the grace of Sant Maharaj ji, he experienced the state of mind that is pinnacle point for a singer, where the boundaries of technicality of musicology is breached and flood gates of emotional currents start flowing within. Bhai Sahib experienced first hand the four essential prerequisites of this soul stirring experiences. The four prerequisites are:

A – Feeling of Reverence

B – Elements of Sacredness

C – Strict Spiritual Discipline

D – Clarity of Thought Process of Creator of Universe.

These four elements created an invincible boundary wall for the mind where the mind never dares to cross the authority of Sant Maharaj ji. This taming of mind under the guidance of Sant Maharaj ji required strict spiritual discipline. The benefits experienced from this development cannot be captured in words. Suffice to say that inner mysteries were revealed, higher intuition was experienced and a higher calling towards purpose of life was revealed. The opening of these new vistas filled the inner with an appreciation for the treasures within and thankfulness for the unique experience that this vehicle called human body is capable of experiencing.

Now Bhai Sahib wants to share with seekers the unique experiences the humans are capable of. He has dedicated his efforts in inspiring others to realize the potential this human life experience offers and shares with them the techniques from Gurbani that makes these spiritual experiences attainable. He invites us to explore the canvas of inner world and fill it with spectrum of colors, because without these experiences, the canvas of life is a barren landscape.

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